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Toms First Doctors Appointment

Toms appointment with the doctor sounded pretty straightforward and stress free, perhaps because we knew a little what to expect. His doctor simply checked what I was being tested for and then as Tom so politely puts it ‘had a feel of my nuts’ to confirm there were no abnormalities and presented him with 2 sample cups. He has to produce a semen sample which he has to drop off at the hospital for testing. He has to ring the hospital to make an appointment to confirm a date and time he will drop it off, and then he has to produce it on the day shortly before the appointment and deliver it to them. This brings me the greatest of amusements and is a big comfort for me that despite having a wand stuck up my nether regions at least I don’t have to wank into a cup! I don’t know what’s funnier to me, the thought of him having to do it on demand or the thought of him driving to the hospital to drop it off. Although he admits he sees the funny side, I’m not sure he finds it quite as amusing as I do! At least he has to only do the one test that tells them everything they need to know, hopefully it’s just a case of ruling him out.

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