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The reality

Although I have not had my fertility appointment yet (its this week) I have researched and googled everything I possibly can. Everything seems to suggest I would have PCOS, my skin, my weight gain (happened when I came off the pill) and the 2 hormone inbalances of Testosterone and Prolactin are all indicators. I have started to come to terms with it and know I have plenty of options. I am now eager to face things head on, I am ready for the challenge, we can do this, Perhaps that was what the shock was, accepting that things now might get really tough. It will probably mean drugs, injections and operations and that is scary. I have no pain threshold and the idea of things hurting and uncomfortable scare me. It also feels like its all down to me now. , I need to man up and get on with it. I am lucky enough to have a great support network and will no doubt rely on them heavily in the coming months, but I have to believe I can do this.

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