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Support Network

This is the most important thing and the thing we are so lucky to have. Ours is rock solid, the number of people who have offered to come to any future appointments with me or just make tea have been endless and I am so grateful. For me I have realised the best thing is to talk, talk about all of it, the hard bits the scary bits and especially the shit bits! A good chat with my mum reminded me she is there to cry with me, to listen and try and understand. No-one can understand unless they are going through it but knowing they are there for whatever you need is comforting and for them to understand you will have good days and bad days. I have also decided to be pretty vocal about what we are going through, if people ask questions I answer them and I am not ashamed. We need to talk about these tings more. A close friend recently confided in me (over drunken text) that she had PCOS and she was not comfortable making it known, which I totally respect and I felt honoured that she felt she could confide in me, It is different for everyone but for me I find the more I talk about it, the easier it gets. Its like a grieving process. What i do know is when a close colleague advised me to go to the doctors and mentioned my symptoms were like hers, she shared her story with me. Although she is now pregnant through IVF her journey has been a long and intense one and hearing her story made the world of difference to me. It reminded me that I wasn't alone, that there are success stories and and she was always there to listen. Her sharing her battle and every detail I asked about has influenced my mentality greatly, it was a game changer. As she put it, its a head fuck! I don't need to justify how I feel or explain anything, she just gets it. Before her I knew no one else who was struggling to conceive or who had PCOS. I can only hope that by being brutally honest in my journey it will reassure someone else out there, we are not alone.

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