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Tom - The Pounding Machine

Tom had to call and get his results over the phone from the fertility clinic and I am sure he would admit he was a little anxious. When he called and spoke to the nurse she advised him that they look for 15 million sperm and Tom has 106 million and they look for 55% of them to be swimming but he has 77% of them swimming. Toms response to her (I shit you not) was "So I'm a pounding machine" I can only imagine her awkward giggle as she said no one had ever described it like that, but yes he was functioning perfectly. He text me to deliver the news, pretty much how I have just described and it was a relief to know he was all OK, though I never doubted it. Now we know it really is just me that's the problem, Only my husband in his sheer relief would describe himself, to a medical professional as a 'pounding machine'!?

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